August Special Dates

August 26th: First Day of School
August 30th: No School

September Special Dates

September 2: No School
September 25th: Early Dismissal Day

October Special Dates

October 14th: No School
October 15th: No School
October 23rd: Early Dismissal Day

November Special Dates:

November 20th: Early Dismissal Day
November 27th: No School
November 28th: No School
November 29th: No School

December Special Dates

December 2nd: No School
December 18th: Early Dismissal Day
December 23rd - 31st: No School

January Special Dates

January 1st: No School
January 17th: No School
January 20th: No School
January 29th: Early Dismissal Day

February Special Dates

February 14th: No School
February 17th: No School
February 19th: Early Dismissal Day

March Special Dates

March 12th: Early Dismissal Day

April Special Dates

April 17th: No School
April 18th: No School
April 21st: No School
April 30th: Early Dismissal Day

May Special Dates

May 26th: No School
May 28th: Early Dismissal Day

June Special Dates

June 5th: Last Day of School!!